Thank you to everyone that came out to the April Meeting.  A great pediatric focused presentation by Dr. Prince and Stephanie Laing, RN.
We are grateful to Emma from Grand Canyon University for sponsoring our meeting.
And we can’t forget to thank Tara and Good Samaritan Medical Center for the use of their classroom.

Student Nurses Day February 26, 2019
At Palm Beach State College

June 2018 Chapter Meeting.
Learning about Human Trafficking from Becky Dymond founder of Hepzibah House

April 25, 2018, Several of our Chapter Leaders attended the State Council Chapter Leadership Orientation in Palm Beach Gardens

Deb Ferraro – Chapter President
Mike Zonak – Chapter President-Elect
Mari Hoover-McGarry – Chapter Treasurer and State Injury Prevention Chair
Penny Blake – Government Relations Chair and State President-Elect