December Chapter Meeting

DEAR Members of Palm Beach County ENA (PBCoENA) –
In past years, we have asked members who attended our December meeting to bring a new, unwrapped gift that we donated, as an organization (PBCoENA), to HomeSafe ( . HomeSafe is a non-profit organization that provides safe housing, care, sponsorship, counseling and guidance to children (< 18 y/o) who are victims of child abuse and/or domestic violence. Our gifts have helped these victims know that they have not been forgotten during the holidays!

This year, since our December meeting will be held virtually via Zoom, due to COVID, there will not be the opportunity for us to collect these gifts. We are therefore asking our membership to consider donating a gift card (in any amount) to HomeSafe, with a note that you are donating the gift card in lieu of giving a present to the annual Palm Beach County ENA gift drive. Gift cards will make it easier and safer for HomeSafe to purchase what the children need/want for the holidays. HomeSafe has requested that the gift cards be from either Target or Walmart in the amount of $10 or $20, so the children can choose their own gifts.

Your gift card donations can be sent directly to HomeSafe. c/o Chere Brodi, Marketing & Events Manager, 2840 Sixth Ave. South, Lake Worth, FL 33461. Please be sure to include a note that you are a member of PBCoENA and that it is in place of the usually gifts we donate.

If you have any questions, please contact Robin Powers-Jarvis (Holiday Gift Drive Coordinator) at 561-833-8298 or 561-762-1099. You can also contact the PBCoENA Chapter President, Michael Zonak (732-512-7801) or Chere Brodi from HomeSafe directly at 561-383-9842.

THANK YOU, in advance, for sharing the holiday spirit with these children.
Robin S. Powers-Jarvis, PhD, RNC
Holiday Gift Drive Coordinator


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I wanted to take this time to formally introduce myself.  My name is Michael Zonak and I am your 2020 and 2021 President of the Palm Beach County ENA Chapter.  I have been a nurse for over 11 years and have experience in Critical Care, Emergency Nursing and Clinical Informatics.  I am currently working as an ED Assistant Nurse Manager here in Palm Beach County. 

My goal for 2020 is to have more of our membership become active in our Palm Beach County Chapter.  Our Chapter Leadership will be meeting next week to plan out our meetings and activities for the coming year.  We welcome any and all suggestions or ideas that you have.  Feel free to contact me directly or leave on post on our Facebook group. 


Michael Zonak, MSN, RN, CEN, CNL


Palm Beach County ENA